Welcome to Wishpress illustrations

This is the home page of freelance illustrator Egidius Heerkens BSc, PhD. He has a strong portfolio in graphic design, life sciences, biochemistry, biology and medicine. His work has been used for over a decade as part of scientific publications, as academic teaching aids, medical essays, reports, theses, presentations and includes the production of vector illustrations, bitmap illustrations, 3D renderings, animations, cartoons, graphs / charts / statsistics and infographics.

Graphic design philosophy

The Aim, from an artistic viewpoint, is simply to design beautiful, crisp graphics to help you better convey scientific processes, taking on board the quote "Words divide pictures unite" by Otto Neurath -1925. Graphic design styling is direct, has depth and illustrations are ideally suited to visualize and explain complex processes in biology such as biochemical signalling pathways and responses to pharmaceutical and/or chemical molecules in physiology. Clarification of mechanisms in various biosciences, including medical sciences, microbiology, botany, histology and zoology, can be provided. The vision is to provide clients with clear, creative and eye-catching graphic design to represent mechanisms ranging from the molecular to the microscopic, physiological, macroscopic and data visualization.


You can contact me by e-mail: infowishpress.com, or by pressing the Contact -button at the top and filling in the contact form, for any graphic design or editing enquiries, without any obligation.